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Control teams of robots on missions to asteroids, planets and moons.  You’ll  build factories that harvest and refine resources and generate goods. Eventually your robots will build facilities for human habitations at distant locations.

You’ll manage the resources for each mission and choose when to sell, buy or ship resources to and from Earth.  All missions have prerequisites; so the management of resources is essential for completing missions. Each mission has a list of goals which needs to be completed for successful mission. 

When the space craft reaches the mission landing location, you will decide which factories to build first. The process for building a factory always begins with activating commands to establish linkage hierarchy of the landing team. Once the hierarchy is established, the robots automatically proceed with construction and operation of their factory. You will need to monitor each factory activity to keep progress moving forward. You may face resource shortages and may need to ‘idle’ some factories to make resources available for others to use. You may also need to ship in and out resources.

It is recommended that new commanders complete the tutorial simulations to best understand the process of programming robots.

Flow of the first asteroid mission.

  1. On the Mission Selection screen, select start mission

  2. Select Near Earth Asteroid mission

  3. Select Launch button

  4. At this point you will see a view of the transportation vehicle carrying the robots and supplies to the asteroid.  Since travel takes time, you can choose to “End Turn” and complete the journey.  

    1. Later in the game, when a player has many missions, they may choose to tend other missions while robots are in transit for new missions.

  5. Upon arrival at a new mission, you are presented with a list of factories which may be built.  This list includes greyed out factories which may only be built after other factories are built.

  6. Select the Solar Array by clicking it.

  7. The screen displays the resources required to build and the production which will take place once the factory is constructed.  Select Build.

  8. At this point you are taken to the Mission task construction site.  Here your robots await any final programming which you will supply.

    1. Some levels will be more complicated than others.  The complexity will depend on the number of robots, the number of unstable commands, and how the robots link to each other.

    2. Click on commands to see how many points each will deliver when activated. The robots will also organize themselves so that the reasons for the new links can be displayed.

    3. The tutorial simulation provides the best insight into this process.

  9. Upon completing a mission you return to the mission view.  From here you can view if there are more factories which can be built immediately.  If all of the factories are already under construction or producing resources you can select End Turn.

  10. Time passes, constructions and production take place.  If new resources become available it will become possible to build the Ice Mine, then the Fuel production.

  11. You may also choose to build the Research facility.  When this becomes active the Research panel will become active and you can pick which technology you wish to focus your research capabilities on.  Research unlocks upgrades to factories which will increase production rates.

  12. When the Fuel Factory produces its first payload of fuel, you can use the Mission Command panel to select “TO EARTH: FUEL” to set up a special mission to ship fuel to the earth.

  13. Shipping will take some time.  During that time you can return to the Home Missions Selection screen and start a new mission or use End Turn to make time pass until your fuel has arrived at the Market.

  14. Once the “TO EARTH: FUEL” task has been activated the mission will continue to ship available fuel to earth, allowing you to stockpile fuel for future missions, or sell fuel to buy robots and engines needed for other missions.

  15. Once you have set up a supply of fuel additional missions will become available and the exploration of the solar system becomes much more rapid.

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Saturday, Dec 28 2013bs75660

The goal "Build Space Port" of the mission to Ganymede is not marked as completed although I have completed construction of a space port on that mission.

Friday, Jan 17 2014GregCircuitbot

bs75660 - Sorry for the long delay in replying - We're updating the game today (1/17) and I believe the new build includes fixes to "goal checking", which should address this problem. Thanks for pointing it out - things like this are hard to stumble on, so we appreciate the info.

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